Apple Tart


This is a simple apple tart. quick to whip up,Not too sweet and the tart apples with cinnamon is a marriage made in heaven (too cliched I know but that’s how it is.) I don’t add any sugar to the pastry dough, there’s enough sugar in the filling to balance it out. pair it with a little whipped cream or icecream.. whatever makes you happy.

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Dry Coconut Chutney Pudi (chutney powder)


Dry Coconut Chutney Puddi. This one is called Sheekarni in my place. When you hear the word Chutney, usually a wet spicy mix or mango chutney is what comes to mind. But they also made in a dry powdered form and there are many varieties. Usually had with dosas, but this particular one I love to have with curd rice. And I absolutely love those cute little jars I found. Continue reading “Dry Coconut Chutney Pudi (chutney powder)”

Cottage Cheese Cake with Blueberries


Cottage Cheese & Blueberry Cheesecake

Lighter than a regular cheesecake, and as tasty too! So in the excuse of kitchen experiments, trying to burn those vacation calories (and tighten the belt a little, or a lot :D), I thought to give this a go. I must say, it was not disappointing at all.

But, I was unsure. I feared it might become grainy and sticky, but it is definitely light on the palate and creamy. Also, the slightly tart blueberry sauce adds a little zing to it.

All in all – I liked it! And between the four of us, it was polished off in no time. I used oatmeal and almond mix for the base, but a digestive or ginger cookie base would be perfect too.

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Shahi Tukra


Who doesn’t like warm toasted buttery bread with warm sweet milk?

Shahi tukra.. One of my many favorite Indian desserts ( and why not ). “Shahi Tukda is  pieces of crisp fried golden brown coloured pieces of bread served with a sweet milk called rabdi which is thickened milk and flavoured with cardomom, saffron and nuts. It literally translates to royal piece. If The dish is so royal it certainly deserves a special place on the table.

I know I am beginning to sound repetitive saying this dessert is my favorite but hey I love my desserts and each has its special time and place.

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Apple Raisin Crumble Cake


Its the perfect dessert when you can have an Apple Crumble and a Cake at the same time, I say why not. The bonus is when your house fills with a warm cinnamonny smell (is that a word?), and every one wants to know whats in the oven.Happiness is inevitable. With the raisins or sultanas if you want, it has the just right amount of tartness and sweetness. The touch of lemon juice on the apples and the sweet buttery cake is just perfect. Imagine cutting yourself a slice or scoop it even while its still warm and drop a dollop of vanilla Icecream on the side, kickback and enjoy..I would skip my meal for this.

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Hot Milk Cake


I had come across this recipe quite some time back but never really tried it until recently. It’s pretty simple, not complicated all you need to do is make sure the eggs are beaten with sugar till it doubles in volume. This result in a spongy, light and airy cake. With just a tablespoon of butter, this is perfect for the evening tea.You have it as is or with fresh cream frosting and some strawberries.

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Apple and Carrot Cupcakes

Version 2

These make moist cupcakes with just the right amount of sweet. I make these for kids lunch boxes and they are perfect for serving them with evening tea. I leave out the walnuts sometimes because the kids tend to pick them out, but it’s fine if you are serving them for adults, or non-fussy kids.

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